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The Capsula family was introduced by Swedish brand HansK in 2007 in a white and and black painted version. The company decided to stop produce and sell the Capsula series in 2010.  My ambition is to re-introduce the Capsula series in the way it was initially intended to be made; in wood veneer.


The original media unit Capsula M01 has been upgraded with fine-tuned measurements and high quality gas pistons and will be presented in 4 different veneers; matte lacquered Ash, Walnut, Elm and Wenge.
The legs will now be handmade in polished stainless steel to add to the amazing look, quality and craftsmanship.


We will initially take orders from the web. Each furniture item will be build upon order.


Price and time for production start is not yet decided


Updates will come soon.

WiFi-units work when lid is closed.
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